Domino kills occur when one target falls on or is pushed into another target. Commonly occurs when the player shoots the glass barricade a guard is leaning on to have the guard fall onto another.

-Explosive kill:
Shoot a target with an explosive round.
Shoot an explosive object when a target is standing nearby (heat lamp, electric panel)

-Quick kill:
Take out targets with no more than 5 seconds between each takedown.

Perform the indicated type (headshot chain, quick kill chain etc) of takedown on multiple targets without changing the type of takedown in between.

-Accident kill:
Any kill which the guards cannot determine the source. Some elements within the Montenegro map can be used (heatlamps, fuse boxes etc.) as well as some weapons Abilities.

-Extraction mode:
Takeout the primary target to start the extraction timer. During the 10 second countdown, perform any takedown on remaining targets in the map.

-Body disposal:
Hide dead bodies by knocking them off ledges, into pools or off the cliff side to prevent guards from raising the alert level.

-Long shot kill:
Kill a target at over 250 meters.

-X-ray kill:
Kill a target by shooting through walls and scenery.