Note: In order to use either cloud save the players device must have a network connection.

Hitman Sniper offers the player two options to save their progress.

Option 1- Google Play:
Logging onto Google Play prior to the initial launch will ensure the players progress is saved on the cloud. The player may also sign into the Google Play cloud via the in game settings menu. (Tap the gear icon at the top left hand side of the main menu > locate the PLAY GAMES SERVICES option > tap the arrow button to start the login process)

Option 2 - Facebook:
After completing the second mission of the tutorial you will return to the main menu. From the main menu you can log into Facebook from the settings menu(tap the gear icon in at the top left area of the main menu > locate the FACEBOOK option > tap the red arrow to login to Facebook). If you are not logged into Google Play there will also be an option to log into Facebook from the Rankings leaderboard.