There are two modes in the game the Montenegro and the Death Valley.


Montenegro is the initial map for Hitman Sniper, the player will start their experience here, playing through various tutorial missions.
Montenegro is a one-level pack which contains a variety of challenging missions with different objectives, asking the player to take out their target in creative new ways including domino kills, explosive kills, accident kills and much more!
While the default rifle is the Izanami, the player will unlock new rifles and weapons as they progress through Hitman Sniper. Weapons may also be unlocked via In-app Purchases, regardless of how a weapon is unlocked, the user can upgrade the weapons performance and score bonuses in the pre-mission Armory using in game currency. Some weapons grant the user bonuses such as the Jaeger which gives the user a 50% discount on all Death Valley upgrades!

Death Valley

Death Valley is an alternate game mode where the player must protect a survivor named Ben from hordes of zombies while he works to fix his escape vehicle.
The player will battle waves of zombies, wandering zombies and zombies with special abilities over three game difficulties. Normal and Hard mode will introduce the player to the Death Valley experience requiring the player to protect Ben for a finite amount of time with restricted zombie types appearing. Expert mode pits the player against the full strength of the zombies, all zombie types will appear throughout play and the session will only end when Ben has been overwhelmed.