The weapons in Hitman Sniper can be found in the pre-mission Armory which is available after the player has completed the Armory tutorial.
There are various ways to unlock different weapons in Hitman Sniper, some can be unlocked by advancing the players profile rank and others by advancing through the tiers on the global leaderboard. Once these weapons are unlocked the player can earn parts for each rifle by eliminating high profile targets when playing missions on the Montenegro map. When all parts have been awarded the weapon in question can be equipped in the Armory. The player can also upgrade any owned weapon using the in game currencies from the Armory menu.

A special "Just Cause" themed rifle is available to players from its own menu found at the top of the main menu. Players can unlock this rifle by following the requirements found on this menu. (Note: A network connection is required to unlock this rifle but can be used offline once it has been unlocked.)

The player may also perform In-app purchases to unlock certain weapons. Weapons unlocked this way are immediately available for the player to equip and start using.

Note: Some weapons are only available for purchase during special events and seasonal events.